Saturday, October 16, 2010

For the Parents

We are working on R A F M. In Montessori, we work on learning the sound of the letters first. It is easier in the long run to make the transition to reading if there isn't as much "translating" going on in their heads. The child who learns the names of the letters first thinks "OK, that's an R....What sound does R make? rrrrrrr. Oh thats right." The goal is for them to see a letter and automatically think of the sound. Some of the kids already know the names of the letters. When we review letters they say, "Oh thats M." I always say "Yep, and the sound it makes is mmmmm." Just to bring the focus back to it's sound. They are really quickly learning these sounds and we will be making sound books soon to bring home and show off all they have learned.

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