Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scientific Observation (BEES!)

We just brought home our first colony of bees! While they are still enclosed in their cage and cannot escape, we used this opportunity to observe them close up. We made observation journals to document what we saw. We followed up with some informative books about bees at story time. Since we have been talking about insects all through April this fit in perfectly. We were able to discuss what made the bees and insect and count legs to verify.

Language and Math

I added two new tabs to the top of the page. The majority of questions or concerns I hear from parents looking into Montessori involve how reading and math are taught. These tabs hopefully give a clear enough overview that someone new to Montessori would be able to understand the basic premise of the theory behind learning language and mathematics. These subjects are underrepresented in the blog posts because they are not changed throughout the year like practical life exercises are. I will also be adding a Sensorial tab and a Practical Life tab. Those are also extremely important in the Montessori classroom.