Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rice Dying

The other day we decided to dye rice for our first days drop off activity. We are going to make a Rainbow Rice Sensory table for the kids to play with and (hopefully) make saying good-bye to parents a little easier.

We started by putting plain long grain white rice in gallon baggies.
We poured in some food coloring and a few teaspoons of rubbing alcohol to make the colors vibrant. There was no real measuring going on. If you don't put enough in, all the rice wont be colored, so add more. If you put in too much you will get awesome color, it will just take a lot longer to dry. I used food coloring that was purchased at a restaurant supply store, so it was super strong.

Then I let my "little" toss the baggie around until all the rice was fully covered in beautiful, yummy, colorful colors!

I let the rice dry in the opened, upright baggies for a few days. If you want them to dry faster, lay the rice out on a tray in the sun.
I will post action shots of the rainbow rice table on Monday after the new preschoolers have had a chance to check them out!
This is my classroom. I have been working at getting it just right all summer.