Monday, November 14, 2011

An Environment for Learning

Dr. Montessori based her methods and materials on the belief that a person does not really "teach" a child, but can only guide them to the information to make the discovery and retain the knowledge. That is what we do at Children's Garden Montessori. We guide the children to make discoveries with the materials to build permanent memories and experiences that become the foundation, in their mind, to build knowledge upon for the rest of their life! Children are born with a natural curiosity and desire to learn. We are here to help keep that fire within burning.

With the very specifically designed materials, and always following the child's lead, we are able to create an "environment for learning." This is a place where learning comes naturally. Even if your child is "playing." Each material is designed with a very specific purpose and often times a long-term purpose for learning. Children here are able to learn from everything going on around them. Children that might not be quite ready to try a material are able to watch and listen and begin absorbing the concepts before they even begin "working" with the materials. It is awesome to see a group of children spontaneously form and watch the learning just happen!

 They also have the opportunity to teach to others what they know, solidifying the concepts in their mind, and passing on the knowledge to another. When children see those working with a more advanced material, they are naturally inspired. They begin to see the future purpose for the knowledge they are currently gaining, and the next step or the "reward" for mastering the job they are working on.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Create a Reading Environment at Home

It is SO important to support your child in the process of learning to read.
This article has some excellent ideas for helping your child to enjoy reading and making it a permanent part of your families life.