Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine/Heart Works for Feburary

These are some of the Valentine-y works we have on the shelves right now. I have several more in the works though. By the end of the month our shelves are always completely different than the beginning. :)
Count the hearts and pin the corresponding number to the card. The back side of the cards and both sides of the clothespins have the correct number written on them, for control of error and the kids can check their work when they finish.

I found this idea on My Montessori Journey (again :) ) The player rolls the die and places the landed on number of chips onto the game board until it is full. This has been great for those who want to work on something with others.

Build a Heart Chain. I found these heart shaped links at Oriental Trading.

Conversation Heart Sorting. Those are not real candy, they are foam beads. I found them at Oriental Trading too! They are ALL ready to progress from this simple sorting and I already have a more complex one ready for Tuesday!

Heart Cutting practice. This has been a big hit. They all love hanging them up when they are done to decorate the classroom in hearts. The added satisfaction of making something "real" is always extra fulfilling.

This transferring activity was kind of an accident. I originally had it out on the shelf with wooden toast tongs and no one really seemed super impressed or interested. My 19 month Old got a hold of the tongs and tore them in two :( I ran up to my practical life bucket and grabbed this Olivewood spoon from Montessori Services to replace it. THEY LOVED IT!! The little red marbles fit perfectly into the spoon, I think that is part of what makes it so appealing.This work always has a line-up to get to now.

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