Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December in our School

Letter Search
-Helps with identifying letters and reviewing their sound

Pine Tree Section with Magnifying Glass
-The kids LOVED looking at this section of a tree to see the tiny rings up close. It also inspired them to take the magnifying glass all over the room and "inspect" other things.

"Gingerbread" Houses
-I think they ate more than they actually brought home.

Mini Tree Trimming
-This is another handwriting practice sneakily disguised as a fun holiday game. This work had a line for it almost everyday it was out. Later, we added a star for the top and little plastic candy canes.

Bell Walking
-With this game the kids take the bell and try to walk around the whole room without letting it ring. It is a classic Montessori exercise in control of the body, and lets them focus on what quiet really means.

Pom Pom Transferring
-This gives the kids practice in control of arm movement and completion of a task.

Ribbon Weaving
-This one is great for developing their ability to follow series of directions. I showed them first saying "up, down, up, down" out loud as I did it and it was fun to see their little faces try to remember the pattern as they sat down to weave. It is also great work for their little finger, hand, and arm muscles.

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